Duet 3 Expansion Board 3HC
Extension board Duet 3 3HC
Duet 3 Expansion Board 3HC
Duet 3 Expansion Board 3HC
Extension board Duet 3 3HC

Duet 3 Expansion Board 3HC

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Duet 3 Expansion Board 3HC is cooperating and increasing the capabilities of the Duet 3 series motherboards. 3HC allows the printer to be expanded with additional extruders, fans, filament sensors and has the option to resume printing after a power fail.

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  • Powerful 32-bit processor: Atmel ATSAME70: ARM Cortex-M4F microcontroller operating at 120 MHz, with 512 KB flash memory and 384 KB RAM.
  • Three high-current advanced TMC5160 stepper drivers: SPI controlled will all the latest Trinamic features. Maximum motor current 6.3A peak per phase (4.45A RMS)
  • CAN-FD BUS for communication with the motherboard
  • Triple extruders: 3 medium current heater channels for up to 3 extruders.
  • 6 PWM controllable fan channels. 3 of these support 4 wire fans including tacho reading. These can be run from either the input voltage, from 12V, or from external power for added flexibility. Also one always-on fan connector supplied with VIN voltage.
  • Automatic ADC gain calibration for thermistors allows for accurate and repeatable temperature setting. PT1000 sensors are supported in addition to thermistors. In addition PT100 and Thermocouples are supported through SPI daughter boards.
  • Power monitoring to allow for state save on power fail.
  • Supports Duet3D filament sensors in magnetic and laser versions.

Full documentation available at Wiki

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