Extruder for 3D printer is responsible for the proper introduction of the filament to the head, also known as the hotend. We distinguish between direct and split extruders. This part of the device is driven by a stepper motor, which transfers the drive through gears to the screw and allows rotation of the shaft equipped with notches. This is the main mechanism of the printer, which by transferring the rotary motion from the shaft to the knurled screw, in which the notches is placed the filament, which is pressed by the bearing, pressure and screws with springs, so as to prevent a situation in which the filament does not enter the head of the 3D printer. In addition to injecting, the 3D printer extruder is supposed to perform the function of pulling out the residual filament created during the 3D printing process. Thanks to this process, called retraction, that is, preventing the leakage of the filament in liquid form and the formation of traces of head movements on 3D printed parts.

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