Mini BMG dual drive extruder
Mini BMG dual drive extruder
Mini BMG dual drive extruder
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Mini BMG dual drive extruder
Mini BMG dual drive extruder
Mini BMG dual drive extruder

MINI BMG dual drive extruder

  • Hardened steel gears
  • Easy filament replacement
  • Compatible with any Nema17 motor with a 5mm shaft diameter
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Extruder MINI BMG dual drive is a model designed for Bowden and Delta constructions. Its internal gear ratio is 3: 1. It provides unprecedented sliding force and fast retraction in a lightweight and compact housing.

MINI BMG dual drive extruder, thanks to its parameters, is suitable for high-resolution prints with the use of small nozzles or prints with high material flow with large nozzles

Technical specification:

Dual-Drive technology

Dual-Drive is a technology in which, thanks to the drive of both gears holding the filament, the grip of the material is more secure. As a result, the extruder ensures correct and reliable material feeding without the risk of abrasion or slippage.

Versatility in terms of the use of many types of materials

MINI BMG dual drive is designed to handle 1.75 mm filaments

  • Soft materials, such as slippery nylons or TPU / TPE filaments
  • Highly rigid, high strength,
  • The extruder may have problems with more flexible materials.

Tensioner tension adjustment

Adjusting the pressure of the knurls on the filament is possible thanks to the screw tensioner with tension. The user has the option of adapting the extruder to the currently used filament.

Adjustable tensioner tension

The tension screw tensioner allows the user to fine tune the pressure exerted by the knurls on the filament. This gives you the opportunity to adapt to your preferences and optimize for the type of material used.

Quick change of filament

To be able to change the material in the blink of an eye, just activate the Quick-Release lever to release the tension and pull the material to be changed from the extruder, keep it activated and insert a new material.

Bowden extruder

This extruder has been specially designed for Bowden and Delta constructions. BMG mini allows you to ease the print head, which significantly increases the print speed range.

Extruder fits every Nema17 stepper motor with a standard 5 mm shaft.

NOTE: Requires lubrication of the gears before starting

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5901414654573 5901414654573

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