FIlament EcoLine PLA Anthracite Black 1kg
FIlament EcoLine PLA Anthracite Black 1kg
FIlament EcoLine PLA Anthracite Black 1kg
FIlament EcoLine PLA Anthracite Black 1kg

FIlament PRINT-ME EcoLine PLA Anthracite Black 1kg

  • Easy to print
  • Biodegradability
  • It ensures repeatability of prints
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PRINT-ME EcoLine PLA Anthracite Black filament - product created for people starting their adventure with 3D printing. It is characterized by an affordable price and ease of use.

The ECO series was designed for home users. Furthermore filaments provide repeatable high-quality prints even for precise projects with a lot of details.

EcoLine PLA filaments are also highly universal, so this material can be used in almost all 3D printers supporting FDM technology.

PRINT-ME EcoLine PLA Anthracite Black filament is made of a biodegradable material - polylactide.

The series of these filaments is characterized by good adhesion of successively applied layers, thanks to which this material is perfect for printing large-size models. This filament has no shrinkage and can be used in printers that do not have a heated bed.

EcoLine PLA filaments are an excellent balance of quality and price, making them an excellent choice not only for beginners but also for more advanced users of 3D printers.

Technical Specification - Filament PRINT-ME EcoLine PLA:

  • printing temperature: 192-208 [°C]
  • bed temperature: 20-60 [°C]
  • cooling: 40-100 [%]
  • flow: 100 [%]
  • retraction: ± 5 [mm]
  • nozzle diameter: ≥ 0.2 [mm]
  • printing speed: 30-60 [mm/s]
  • thermal resistance: 80 [oC]
  • Shore hardness: 81D
  • impact strength for notch V: 0,29 [J/cm2]
  • flexural modulus: 1471 [MPa]

Product Details

Type of filament
Filament diameter
Bed temperature
20 - 60 °C
Nozzle diameter
0,2 mm
Diameter tolerance
+/- 0,05 mm
± 5 mm
100 %
Printing speed
30 - 60 mm/s
40 - 100 %
1.2 g/cm3
Shore hardness
81 D
~ 0 %
Thermal resistance
80 °C
Country of origin
Filament weight
1000 g
5906190615022 5906190615022

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