Zortrax M300 Plus Dual
Zortrax M300 Plus Dual

Zortrax M300 Plus Dual

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Zortrax M300 Plus Dual

Zortrax M300 Plus Dual

Desktop 3D printer

A desktop 3D printer with one of the largest workspaces among Plug & Play devices able to 3D print big models in one go. It works in LPD technology, Zortrax's original take on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), guaranteeing highest quality results and low maintenance. It can create wireless networks of 3D printers thanks to Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. It’s also equipped with a built-in camera that streams live feed of the 3D printing process via Z-SUITE slicing software, while the material endstop sensor decreases waste and the necessity for operator input. The upgraded extruder, hotend and new nozzle geometry allow Zortrax M300 Dual to 3D print with advanced and flex-type filaments. Side Covers are included.

Large-volume dual-extrusion 

Zortrax M300 Dual relies on the dual-extrusion LPD Plus technology to simultaneously print with base and water-soluble support filaments in a large build volume measuring 265x265x300 mm. 

Fail-safe 3D printing 

The M300 Dual can detect a power outage, jammed filament, and material running out. tIn each case it pauses the print and saves the exact position of the printing head. This way your work can be resumed from the same spot when the problem has been dealt with. 

Interchangeable build-platforms 

With a capacitive displacement sensor the M300 Dual can automatically calibrate to work with glass, perforated, or other types of build platforms. This way it’s possible to customize the printer for the project at hand.

Large work area

A large workspace with dimensions of 300 x 300 x 300 mm allows you to print large models in one print.

Double extrusion

A 3D printer with two nozzles simultaneously prints the model and a water-soluble support material.

Power control system

M300 Dual detects a power failure and resumes printing in the same place where it was interrupted when the power returns.

Capacitive sensor

Professional users can print on perforated, glass or other compatible platforms because they are all automatically calibrated.

Filament management

The printer automatically stops printing when there is no filament or the nozzle becomes clogged.

External materials

External filaments are fully supported in both single and double extrusion modes.

Use of Zortrax M300 Dual:

Prototyping of consumer products - 3D printing technology makes the prototyping process faster and cheaper.

Creating architectural models - models require millimeter precision, 3D printing allows you to automate this process.

Printing educational materials - custom models are useful in anatomy courses, thanks to 3D printing they can be obtained at a lower price.

Medical models - 3D printing enables creating models based on computed tomography. Such models can be used in facial reconstruction and treatment planning.

Research and development in the automotive industry - in the traditional way of manufacturing automotive models, clay is used, but engineers from Ferrari have found that 3D printing is a faster and more efficient way.

Zortrax M300 Dual main features

  • Works in the LPD Plus dual-extrusion technology
  • Has a 265x265x300 mm workspace
  • Has Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity
  • Has a blackout response system
  • Calibrates a build-platform with a capacitive displacement sensor
  • Compatible with perforated, glass, and other build platforms
  • Supports single and dual extrusion modes
  • Works with third-party filaments
  • Has built-in video streaming camera

Zortrax M300 Dual

Zortrax M300 Dual relies on the LPD Plus technology which has been upgraded to allow 3D printing on a large workspace measuring 265x265x300 mm. The desktop 3D printer is compatible with different types of build plates. This timelapse video highlights how you can 3D print models without raft on a glass build platform.

LPD Plus technology allows users to simultaneously 3D print with separate support and base filaments but the large volume 3D printer also works in a single-extrusion mode much like the standard M300 Plus. What’s more, the M300 Dual is also compatible with remotely controlled 3D printing farms thanks to its Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity.

This 3D printing desktop device makes customization much more user-friendly thanks to a compatibility with third-party filaments and build platforms. A capacitive displacement sensor can automatically calibrate any build plate by performing high-resolution measurements of the position of any conductive or nonconductive target. Thus the dual extrusion 3D printer supports both perforated and glass build-platforms and calibrates them with a simple push of a button.

Zortrax M300 Dual - Specification

Device features

Build volume
265 x 265 x 300 mm (10.4 x 10.4 x 11.8 in)
Nozzle diameter
0.4 (0.016 in)
Dual material extruder with material jam detection
Extruder cooling system
Two fans cooling the extruder, radial fan cooling the print
Dual material hotend
Material endstop
2 x Mechanical
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Operating system
Quad Core
4'' IPS 800x400
Available materials (single extrusion)
Available materials (dual extrusion)
External materials
Mechanically removed - printed with the same material as the model / Dissolvable - printed with a different material than the model
Material container
Material diameter
1.75 mm (0.069 in)
In the box
3D Printer, Side Covers, Z-SUITE, Starter Kit, 2 spools of material (Z-PETG, Z-SUPPORT Premium), 1xPerforated Plate, 1xGlass Plate, 2 spoolholders, Material Box


LPD Plus (Layer Plastic Deposition Plus) - advanced technology with the system of Dissolvable Support Structures
Layer resolution
100-300 microns (for 0.4 mm/0.016 in nozzle)
Minimal wall thickness
400 microns (for 0.4 mm/0.016 in nozzle)
Platform leveling
Automatic measurement of platform points height/Manual measurement of platform points height
Maximum printing temperature (extruder)
310°C (590°F)
Maximum platform temperature
105°C (221°F)
Ambient operation temperature
20-30°C (68-86°F)
Storage temperature
0-35°C (32-95°F)
AC input
110 V ~ 5.9 A 50/60 Hz 240 V ~ 2.5A 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption
400 W


Software Bundle
Supported input file types
.stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf
Supported operating system
Mac OS X / Windows 7 and newer versions

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