Spider coupler 5x8mm
Spider coupler 5x8mm
Spider coupler 5x8mm
Spider coupler 5x8mm

Flexible plum motor coupling 5x8mm D14-L22

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Flexible motor coupling for 5 mm motor shaft and 8 mm lead screw, ideal for driving high-precision axes. 5 mm motor coupling is a great solution for driving axes which require high-precision low-backlash movement.

The red elastomer provides a semi-flexible solution, allowing the axis some flexibility in the perpendicular  displacement, but none in the length, this reduces friction in the axis, while maintaining the precision. This motor coupling is for usage in your 3D printer's Z-axis as well as CNC machine axes.

The coupling fits to5 mm shaft and can be used in combination with the 8mm threaded rod or tr8x2 / tr8x8 lead screws.

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