Filament NOCTUO GRIP 1,75mm 0,25kg - BLACK

Filament NOCTUO GRIP 1,75mm 0,25kg - black

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Filament NOCTUO GRIP 1,75mm 0,25kg - BLACK, is a one of a kind highly adhesive, universal elastic material with a hardness of 88D in the Shore scale.

Illustrative image of the color, the 0,25kg spool is smaller than in the picture.

Distinguishing feature - the surface of the "soft touch" type, thanks to which it is well suited for the surface of the grip, gaskets or toys. Grip's prints are not slippery, as is the case with most elastic materials in 3d printing and have very little visible bonding layers .


  • Net weight: 0.25kg
  • Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Printing temperature: 230-245 ° C
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