TMC2209 v3.0 - stepper motor driver
TMC2209 v3.0 - stepper motor driver
TMC2209 v3.0 stepper motor driver -...

TMC2209 v3.0 stepper motor driver - stepstick

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TMC2209 v3.0 stepper motor driver - stepstick is an ultra-silent motor driver IC for two phase stepper motors. TMC2209 pinning is compatible to a number of legacy drivers as well as to the TMC2208. TRINAMICs sophisticated StealthChop2 chopper ensures noiseless operation,maximum efficiency and best motor torque. Its fast current regulation and optional combination with SpreadCycle allow highly dynamic motion while adding. StallGuard for sensor less homing. The integrated power MOSFETs handle motor currents up to 2A RMS with protection and diagnostic features for robust and reliable operation. A simple to use UART interface opens up tuning and control options. 


  • Interface: Step/DIR=
  • Configuration: CFG Pins or UART
  • Native micro steps: up to 1/256
  • Logic voltage range: 3-5V
  • Motor Voltage: 5.5-28V
  • Maximum current per phase: 2A RMS, 2.8A Peak
  • Internal v-regulator: Yes
  • RDSon: 0.1 Ohm (HV 0.2 Ohm)
  • stealthChop™: Yes
  • spreadCycle™: Yes
  • coolStep™: Yes
  • stallGuard™: Yes
  • dcStep™: Yes

Advantages of TMC S2209:

  • 2-phase stepper motors up to 20A coil current (external MOSFETs)
  • STEP/DIR Interface with 8, 16, 32 or 64 microstep pin setting
  • Smooth Running 256 microsteps by MicroPlyer™ interpolation
  • Voltage range 4.75… 29V DC
  • Low RDSon, Low Heat-Up LS 170mΩ & HS 170mΩ (typ. at 25°C)
  • Low Power Standby to fit standby energy regulations
  • Single Wire UART & OTP for advanced configuration options
  • Internal Sense Resistor option (no sense resistors required)
  • Passive Braking, Freewheeling, and automatic power down
  • Full protection and diagnostics
1 Reviews

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