TMC2208 stepstick stepper motor driver
TMC2208 stepstick stepper motor driver

TMC2208 stepstick - stepper motor driver

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Stepstick TMC2208 - stepper motor driver is an advanced and quiet controller based Trinamic TMC2208 chipset.
In contrast to the TMC2100, they have a more advanced current control algorithm, which makes it impossible to feel the loss of steps, for example during quick breaks in motion.

Thanks to the built-in radiator, they evenly give away heat losses, which improves their reliability. The controllers require very good cooling, otherwise there is no correct printout.

Technical data:

  • Operating voltage: 5V ÷ 36VDC,
  • Motor current: 0.2A ÷ 1.0A RMS,
  • Interface: STEP / DIR with 2, 4, 8, 16 micro-step set by pins (MS1, MS2),
  • Module controller: TMC2208
  • Smooth motion thanks to internal interpolation up to 256 microsteps,
  • Ultra-quiet engine control thanks to stealthChop2 technology,
  • Fast regulation of the control current, ensuring maximum efficiency of work and no step kick at dynamic movements,
  • Compatibility with Pololu A4988 / DRV8825 controllers,
  • Overcurrent protection, overvoltage,
  • Short-circuit protection,
  • Thermal protection,

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