CX80 Professional Silicone black 80ml

CX80 Professional Silicone - black 80ml

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CX80 Professional Silicone - Oil resistant sealant, capable of withstanding very long exposure to high and low temperatures, from -65°C to +260°C, intermittently up to +380°C. Elastic, fast curing product that forms in the reaction with atmospheric moisture. UV-resistant, not shrinking filling compound. Compresses and glues most surfaces such as glass, ceramics, aluminum and metal perfectly.

Applications - CX80 Professional Silicone:

  • machines and heating equipment
  • fireplaces
  • engines and other mechanical parts that are exposed to high temperatures
  • fireplaces, stacks and vents

Specification - CX80 Professional Silicone:

  • heat resistance: -65°C to +380°C
  • curing time: about 3 mm/24 h
  • processing time 10-20 min
  • adjustment to movement of ±20%
  • temperature range: +5°C to +40°C
  • networking system: acetate (acetoxy)
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