Czujnik nacisku Z-Axis Sensor - czujnik poziomowania stołu drukarki 3d

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The Z-Axis Sensor pressure sensor is used to automatically level the heated using a membrane switch, which makes it possible to detect the nozzle contact with the table. In this case, the nozzle acts as a pressure element, triggers the pressure that the sensor reads.

In this way, you can probe the whole area of the heated. The sensor is light and does not add any weight to the print head, it can be used occasionally, and the firmware setting is the simplest of all automatic leveling methods.

  • Membrane sensor
  • End of the sensor cable with the tip: DuPond
  • Wiring connecting the sensor with the controller and the printer's motherboard (length 480mm)
  • End of cables with the tip: XH-2.54 and DuPond
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