WEMOS D1 mini ESP8266-12F

WEMOS D1 mini ESP8266-12F

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WEMOS D1 mini ESP8266-12F is a board with soldered ESP8266-12F. It has a built-in USB-UART converter (CH340), thanks to which we can program the board via USB without an additional converter. We have 9 GPIO ports available that support PWM, I2C, SPI and 1-Wire. The board has a 3.3V voltage regulator, so the module can be powered from a USB port, e.g. using a charger with a microUSB connector.


  • Module based on ESP8266-12F with PCB antenna
  • Built-in flash memory: 4MB
  • Wi-Fi connectivity in the 802.11 b/g/n standard
  • Works in AP (Access Point), STA (Standalone), AP + STA modes
  • Supports TKIP, WEP, CRC, CCMP, WPA / WPA2, WPS
  • Power supply: 3.3V (or 5V via USB port)
  • 80MHz RISC processor (also working at 160MHz)
  • 9 GPIO ports - PWM / I2C / SPI / 1-Wire
  • Maximum current on the I/O pins: 12mA
  • Recommended current on I/O pins: 6mA
  • USB-UART - CH340 converter
  • 10-bit ADC converter
  • 16 pins in a 2.54mm pitch
  • Micro USB connector
  • Dimensions: 34 x 25mm
  • LED connected to GPIO2 (D4)
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