Step down LM2596S buck converter 1.5-35V 3A

Step down LM2596S buck converter 1.5-35V 3A

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Step down buck converter with LM2596 chip. It is widely used to power Arduino Modules, LED lighting for 3D printers and more, as well as RaspberryPi power supply.


  • DC input voltage: 3.2V-35V
  • DC output voltage: 1.5V-35V (adjustable by potentiometer)
  • Output current: current 2A, maximum 3A (needed heat sink)
  • Efficiency: 0.92
  • Working frequency: 150kHz
  • Ripple level: max 30mV
  • Working temperature: -40 * C to 85 * C
  • Dimensions: 43 * 20 * 14mm
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