Filament PRINT-ME Swift PET-G White 1kg
Filament PRINT-ME Swift PET-G White 1kg

Filament PRINT-ME Swift PET-G White 1kg

  • Simple to print
  • Odorless
  • No shrinkage
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PRINT-ME Swift PET-G White filament - glycol-modified poly (ethylene terephthalate). PET-G filament is an amorphical, thermoplastic copolyester characterized by great durability.

Swift PET-G was created for professionals who deal with FDM technology prints.

Swift PET-G is a more flexible and soft filament compared to ABS or PLA.

The filament is characterized by a very low shrinkage, which makes it ideal for working on large-size prints.

The filament has a high chemical resistance to water, acids and alkalis, and can also be used in contact with food or cosmetics. Working with Swift PET-G does not cause an unpleasant smell during printing, and well-chosen parameters will guarantee perfect bonding of successively applied layers, thanks to which we will obtain excellent results in the finished printout.

Specification - Filament PRINT-ME Swift PET-G

  • printing temperature: 220-250 [°C]
  • bed temperature: 60-80 [°C]
  • cooling: 50-100 [%]
  • flow: 100-110 [%]
  • retraction: ± 6 [mm]
  • nozzle diameter: ≥ 0.2 [mm]
  • printing speed: 30-60 [mm/s]
  • thermal resistance: 70 [oC]
  • Shore hardness: 74D
  • impact strength for notch V: 012 [J/cm2]
  • flexural modulus: 2304 [MPa]

Product Details

Type of filament
Filament diameter
Bed temperature
60 - 80°C
Nozzle temperature
220 - 250°C
Diameter tolerance
+/- 0,05 mm
Oval tolerance
0,01 mm
± 6 [mm]
100 - 110 %
Printing speed
30 - 60 mm/s
50 - 100 %
1.15 g/cm3
Shore hardness
74 D
0,1 %
Thermal resistance
70 °C
Country of origin
Filament weight
1000 g
5906190617095 5906190617095

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