Filament F3D NanoCarbon (PA12+CF) 1,75mm 0,5kg
Filament F3D NanoCarbon (PA12+CF) 1,75mm 0,5kg
Filament F3D NanoCarbon (PA12+CF) 1,75mm 0,5kg
Filament F3D NanoCarbon (PA12+CF) 1,75mm 0,5kg

Filament F3D NanoCarbon (PA12+CF) 1,75mm 0,5kg

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Good dimensional stability
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F3D NanoCarbon filament (PA12 + CF) 1,75mm 0,5kg is one of the composite filaments in the F3DFilament family.

This filament mainly contains an polyamide (PA 12) with the addition of carbon microfibers. The properties of the polymer itself, i.e. fatigue strength, low moisture absorption, very good dielectric properties and very good dimensional stability have meant that it is currently used in industries such as the electrotechnical, automotive, transport and machine construction industries.

F3D NanoCarbon filament has a printing temperature of 240 ° C (the choice of temperature depends on the printer parameters such as nozzle diameter, hotend length and printing speed) Thanks to the innovative combination of polyamide and carbon microfibers, the filament is suitable for the production of very durable models. Printing with this filament requires a heated table and hardened printer nozzles, e.g. hardened steel or titanium.

For printing with NanoCarbon filament, we recommend using an additional adhesive, our experience shows that printing with this filament does not require a closed chamber, which means that it can be printed on all popular FFF / FDM printers

Specification of the F3D NanoCarbon filament:

  • Material: PA12 + CF composite
  • Printing temperature: 240-260 ° C
  • Heatbed temperature: 90-110 ° C
  • Medium shrinkage of material
  • High mechanical strength
  • Color: black
  • Filament diameter: 1,75mm
  • Dimensional tolerance: (± 0,03 mm)

Product Details

Type of filament
Carbon Fiber
PA with addons
Filament diameter
Bed temperature
90 - 110°C
Nozzle temperature
240 - 260°C
Diameter tolerance
+/- 0,03 mm
Oval tolerance
0,03 mm
Country of origin
5902311389919 5902311389919

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