LCD display GM328A
LCD display GM328A
LCD display GM328A
LCD display GM328A

Transistor tester GM328A

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GM328A LCD transistors tester is a universal tester / meter of transistors, capacitors, diodes, coils, resistors, triacs, and mosfets on ZIF14 bus. It can also be used as a square signal generator and PWM signal. A device that is not used for some time automatically goes into a standby state. Before measuring capacitors, they should be unloaded beforehand. The meter also has a SMD 3pin measuring field. Self-assembly set.


  • The digital LCD display makes reading easier and can display measurement data and graphics.
  • Rotating control switch.DC power supply (DC 6.8-12V), or 9V battery (not included in the battery and power supply set)
  • Automatic shutdown.Maximum measuring accuracy 0.01Ω, resistors can be measured up to 50MΩ.
  • Automatic testing of the component and showing the result on the display.
  • It can be used as a signal generator and frequency meter: frequency range from 1Hz-2MHz and can generate 1% -99% PWM (pulse width modulation) signals.
  • It does not include case in the set.
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