Filament FIBERLOGY Nylon PA12+CF5 1,75mm 0,5kg - black

Filament FIBERLOGY Nylon PA12+CF5 1,75mm 0,5kg - black

  • Higher tensile strength than Nylon PA12
  • Higher stiffness than Nylon PA12
  • Higher thermal resistance than Nylon PA12 (max 160 ° C)
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Filament FIBERLOGY Nylon PA12+CF5 1,75mm 0,75kg - black is a filament characterized by resistance to the influence of alcohols and chemicals, as well as less susceptibility to higher temperatures. Thanks to its parameters and properties, it will be used in technical and mechanical industries, where increased durability is needed. Filaments of this type are very practical and convenient for later tool processing, they can also be painted.

The CF 5 version means that 5% of the composition of the filament consists of carbon fibers, thanks to which it gains greater thermal resistance and lower shrinkage compared to the standard Nylon PA12 version, moreover, prints from this material are lighter while maintaining their structural stiffness.

In terms of flexibility, Nylon by FIBERLOGY can elongate by 50% before it breaks.

However, this material is quite susceptible to the influence of concentrated bases and acids.

How to print FIBERLOGY Nylon PA12+CF5 filament:

  • Table temperature: ~ 100 ° C
  • Nozzle temperature: 255-270 ° C
  • No need for drying

Product Details

Type of filament
Carbon Fiber
Filament diameter
Bed temperature
90 - 110°C
Nozzle temperature
255 - 270°C
Diameter tolerance
+/- 0,02 mm
Oval tolerance
0,02 mm
2-3 mm
95-105 %
Printing speed
35 - 60 mm/s
0 - 10 %
Required chamber
Country of origin
Filament weight
500 g
5902560992939 5902560992939

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