Filament Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15 - 1,75mm 0,5 kg - black
Filament Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15 -...
Filament Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15 - 1,75mm 0,5 kg - black

Filament Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15 - 1,75mm 0,5 kg - black

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Filament Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15 - is another manifestation of the technical capabilities of filament PA12 which has been reinforced with addition of carbon fibers. It is characterized by high thermal resistance and less shrinkage compared to the unmodified Nylon PA12. The application of carbon fiber allows for a reduction of weight of the component while maintaining its high structural stiffness. PA12 + CF has a range of applications across the industry, including the automotive and the engineering sectors, lending itself to the creation of advanced prototypes, drones and final products which require increased durability while reducing their weight.

It works well with metal tools and paints, which makes it even more versatile and functional.It is incredibly flexible - before it breaks it lengthens by 50%, but it is not resistant to concentrated alkalis and acids.

Specification of FIBERLOGY Nylon PA12+CF15 filament:

  • High resistance to temperatures, chemical compounds
  • High flexibility
  • It is difficult to abrade
  • How to print FIBERLOGY Nylon PA12+CF5 filament:
  • Table temperature: ~ 100 ° C
  • Nozzle temperature: 255-270 ° C
  • No need for drying
Filament Fiberlogy Nylon PA12+CF15
Type of filament
Carbon Fiber
Filament diameter
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