Filament NOCTUO 1,75 mm 0,25 kg - metallic

Filament NOCTUO 1,75 mm 0,25 kg - metallic

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Filament NOCTUO 1,75 mm 0,25 kg - metallic Composite with aluminum. The metal microparticles are enclosed in a special polymer nano-coating, which makes it very homogeneous. Easy to print and more durable from the usual PLA. Metallic filament prints have a metallic visual effect.

Metallic can be printed on PLA or similar parameters. Its specific consistency of the paste may cause that for some hotend designs it may be required to devote more attention to the selection of appropriate retraction parameters. In this case, we recommend increasing the amount of filament retracted while maintaining moderate speeds.

The main features of the NOCTUO PLA Metallic filament:

  • It contains aluminum
  • Level of difficulty in printing is similar to the standard PLA
  • Ready to print almost on any 3D printer
  • Increased mechanical strength
  • Characteristic gloss on printouts
  • It does not show electrical conductivity
  • Temperature resistance of the standard PLA


  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Diameter tolerance: / - 0.02 mm
  • Oval tolerance: 0.01 mm
  • Net weight: 0.25 kg
  • Printing temperature: 200 ° C
  • Table temperature: 50 - 70 ° C recommended

The use of a lift is recommended.

It is recommended to use air filters in printers.

Use in conditions of good ventilation.

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