CX80 Teflon dry grease 500 ml DUOSPRAY

CX80 Teflon dry grease 500 ml

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DRY TEFLON® GREASE. Transparent grease, resistant to dirt, designed for dry lubrication of friction points requiring slipping, exposed to soiling of oils and fats. Extremely durable in extreme conditions.


  • prevents squeaking, slamming and jamming ensures long-term protection against wear, does not attract dirt and dust,
  • can be used in precision mechanics,
  • permanently resistant to water, acids and alkalis,
  • resistant to temperatures from -180 ° C to + 260 ° C (temporarily),
  • does not contain mineral oil,
  • does not contain silicone,
  • it effectively displaces water,
  • resistant to water, alkalis, acids.


  • an agent preventing the adhesion of plastics,
  • dry lubrication
  • in the case of medium load, it can be used for metals, plastics, rubber, etc.
  • it can act as a anti-adhesive agent in paint booths,
  • for sunroof guides,
  • car rails,
  • door and window hinges,
  • castles,
  • sliding doors,
  • window mechanisms,
  • furniture hinges,
  • folding doors,
  • ball bearings,
  • electrical switches
  • guides and bearings in 3D printers.
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