CX80 Silikon spray 500ml

CX80 Silikon spray 500ml

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CX80 SILIKON SPRAY For plastics and rubber. Colorless lubricant with high viscosity. 

Properties - CX80 Silikon Spray:

  • creates a protective film with excellent resistance
  • coverage of the friction surfaces with a thin layer of silicone grease leads to an effective reduction of friction and provides a long-lasting protection of the equipment
  • suitable for use at contact surfaces of plastic, metal , ceramics, rubber, etc.
  • does not stain does not adhere to dust
  • non-adhesive, facilitates the removal of forms
  • operating temperatures from -60 ° C up to + 230 ° C

Applications - CX80 Silikon Spray:

  • all kinds of sanitary equipment - conventional and lever valves (gas), seals, connectors, fittings, valves, joints
  • clean lubrication of equipment in textile, paper, and food industry
  • electric and power distribution equipment (assurance of electrical circuits)
  • energetic cases which work under extreme temperatures (from -60 ° C up to + 230 ° C)
  • in the automotive industry for the lubrication of links, locks, hinges, screws and sleeves
  • protects against corrosion by printing machines, where the lubricant gets in contact with paper

Approved by NSF for use in the food industry!

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