Heatblock v6 Premium- Plated copper

Heatblock v6 Premium- Plated copper

  • High temperature resistance
  • Perfect for use with filaments such as PLA, ABS or PET-G
  • The nickel-plated coating prevents the plastic from sticking to the block
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Heatblock v6 Premium - Plated copper - this type of block is designed for the highest performance when operating at high temperatures. They were made of a high-temperature copper alloy with a softening point above 500 °C (aluminum blocks lose integrity above 350 °C) and significantly increases thermal conductivity. This type of heatblock is ideal for working with filaments such as PLA, ABS or PET-G.

Furthermore these blocks are nickel-plated so plastic does not stick to the block. It is ideal solution in everyday work, keeping the heads clean. This will be especially important at operating temperatures above 300 °C, where the silicone cover cannot be used.

Technical specification:

  • Dimensions: 23x16x11mm
  • Material: High temperature nickel plated copper alloy
  • Temperature range: up to 500 °C
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Very shiny
  • Compatible with PT100 thermistor and 6x20 heater
  • Plated anti-adhesive surface
  • Set contains:
    • Plated block
    • Silicone sock
    • Screws for thermistor and heater

Product Details

Platerred copper
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5901414654108 5901414654108

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