COROPAD adhesive pad for 3D printers BIQU 220 x 220 mm
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COROPAD adhesive pad for 3D printers BIQU 220 x 220 mm
Adhesive pad for 3D printers BIQU 220...

Adhesive pad for 3D printers BIQU 220 x 220 mm

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Adhesive pad on 3M glue for 3D printers working in FDM / FFF technology, creates an ideal print surface for the majority of filaments available on the market.

The pad ensures proper adherence of the first layer of 3D printing, thanks to which the prints do not peel off and always look great.

It works perfectly for the most commonly used materials, such as ABS, PLA, PETG or even Nylon and PVA. High-temperature adhesive 3M and adequate stiffness of the pad allow its simple application in the 3D Printer.

Adhesive pad is the optimal solution for 3D printing in FDM / FFF technology.

Dimension 220 x 220 mm - Also available size: 202 x 202mm.

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