FIBERLOGY ABS 1,75mm 0,85kg - vertigo

FIBERLOGY ABS 1,75mm 0,85kg - vertigo

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FIBERLOGY ABS 1,75mm 0,85kg - vertigo is a real strength specialist. The prints that arise from this filament are characterized by high hardness and impact resistance.

ABS is also more resistant to high temperatures and scratches. These properties considerably extend the possibilities of its application.

Its advantages will certainly be appreciated by many designers or engineers. The resulting printouts can be used to create conceptual models of new products and even their target versions. ABS will also be used in production, especially in the prototyping of elements with higher stiffness.

How to print?

  • Printing temperature: 250 - 265 ° C
  • Table temperature: 90-110 ° C
  • Required table heating
  • Heating in the chamber is not required, but suggested - at 80 ° C
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