Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s 3D printer - DIY set
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s - complete set for building a 3D printer DIY
Remake MK3s 3D printer - DIY set

Remake MK3s 3D printer - DIY set

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A complete set to build a 3D printer inspired by the Original Prusa i3 MK3s design.

The set we sell is a carefully selected set of parts from the best manufacturers, including Prusa suppliers in which we tried to correct all errors and shortcomings of Original Prusa MK3s.

In our design you will find much better linear technique and MISUMI linear bearings, original GATES USA belts, a rigid frame made of Full Bear Upgrade aluminum profiles and our Premium V6 head - an equivalent head to the original and we say it with full responsibility.

Choose option
  • 3D printer without plastic parts
  • Printer + printed parts (yellow PET-G)
  • Printer + printed parts (lime PET-G)
  • Printer + 3d printed parts (orange PET-G)


What is Remake MK3s?

Remake MK3s 3D printer was created  based on classic  Orginal Prusa MK3s and many innovative solutions from around the world, wich makes Remake MK3s extremely reliable and accurate.

It's finally here!

Especially for you, our team has developed a 3D printer, which is a faithful follower of the design of Josef Prussia.

Remake MK3s has been thoroughly tested and tested on many levels by us over the last few months.

Therefore, it contains improvements that distinguish this printer from other similar clones on the market.

Remake MK3s includes:

  • a linear technique with ISO H6 accuracy made of Cf 53, Ck55 material with a surface hardness of 59 HRC
  • original linear bearings MISUMI LMU8
  • original belts from GATES USA (not Unitta as in the original)
  • rigid frame from aluminum profiles similar to Full Bear Upgrade
  • Premium V6 fullmetall 0.4mm printer head

Remake MK3s printer running on the new EINSY RAMBo motherboard with Trinamic drivers, thanks to which its work is characterized by a much lower noise level, allows to detect lost steps and offsets on print layers.

All printed elements of the Remake MK3s printer are made of high quality durable PET-G plastic in the color of your choice ( to order separately )

You can also print the printed elements yourself - we have prepared a collection for you to print. 

Instructions for mounting the printer (basic components ) is available on the Original Prusa MK3s page.

The Remake MK3s printer is compatible with the slice PrusaSlicer .

The printer is equipped with a system that in the event of a power cut or other breakdown in the operation of the device will allow the resumption of printing after solving a problem.

In addition, we have equipped the printer with:

  • extruder with high quality driving gears
  • filament sensor
  • P.I.N.D.A probe
  • magnetic table MK52 with detachable spring steel sheet with PEI coating.

Our printer also has a much more stable frame inspired by the Bear Upgrade created from drilled and screwed aluminum extrusions. This design eliminates looseness and transmitted vibrations that could significantly affect the quality of prints.

Our store provides a 12 month warranty and we send all spare parts within 48 hours!

We provide warranty, service and technical support on site in our store.

Our remix on Thingiverse: HTTPS://WWW.THINGIVERSE.COM/THING:3857891/FILES



Please remember to support those guy who spent a lot of time on his projects like pekcitron, the Bear project is made possible thanks supporters.

Here are some way to support pekcitron:

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5 Reviews

Fine quality
I just worried about that this printer is like other Chinese crap, but I was surprised by the quality of the components. I'm still very glad that i bought one.

W sumie elegancko
Co prawda parę drobnych zeczy musiałem. Poprawić bo były nie dociągnięte ale. Ogólnie wszystko ok śmiga jak burza i jest spoko Sklep oczywiście w miarę możliwości pomocny części zamienne wysyłają natychmiast

Jestem zadowolony - polecam
Po przedrukowaniu prawie 900 godzin na tej drukarce nie mam zastrzeżeń, zgodzę się z poprzednikami gdyż mam porównanie. Cała technika liniowa działa ZNACZĄCO lepiej niż w oryginalnej MK3, cicha, bez wibracji po prostu tak jak powinno być. INstrukcja wymaga aktualizacji jednak support ze strony sklepu nadrabia jej brak.

Review REMAKE Prusa MK3S from Hobby Store
First of all I want you to know that I already own an original Prusa MK3S with BEAR upgrade. So I can compare that one with the kit offered by Hobby Store. The original Prusa is OK and becomes even better with the BEAR upgrade, however there are points of improvement. Especially the rods and linear bearings that come with the Prusa kit. You might expect that Prusa uses the best of the best. Unfortunately that is not the case. The rods and bearings are of good quality but not 'top of the bill'., As I want continuity on 3D printing, in particular when the pressure gets high to get prints done in a tight timeframe, I needed a second 3D printer. Tried to make a kit myself, and when googling various sites so I came across the offer of Hobby Store in Poland. They offer a very nice kit against a very acceptable price point with top quality components like rods and linear bearings from MISUMI, stepper motors from Fysetc, a full BEAR upgrade and very important; a drop in replacement of the RAMBO Einsy board. This is very important is this controller board accepts the original firmware of the Prusa MK3S. I was anxious to see the arrival of the kit. Everything was packed very well, although an accompanying full BOM list would have been helpful to check if the kit is complete. That this is important was proven during the build of the printer. However, all components are packed very well. For assembly one could easily use the instructions from the Prusa site. The BEAR upgrade is of course different but not that difficult. Furthermore the kit comes with upgraded printed 3D parts (if ordered so) that are an improvement over the Prusa kit. The Y-rod mounts are much better (no tiewraps to hold the rods in place but a decent clamps to tighten the rods on the BEAR frame. Better Bearing claps for the Z-axis also with integrated belt tensioning mechanism for the X-axis. For let’s say 80-90% of the assembly the instructions from the Prusa site can be used. However, there are slight differences but not that hard to find out yourself. I for instance needed assistance for wiring the power supply and protection board of it. Sending an email to Hobby story got replied to withing 24 hours. Now back to the missing BOM list. During assembly I found out there were parts missing. So when sending an email with the description of the missing parts it resulted in express delivery of those parts to my house. A very good service as shipment from Poland to the Netherlands is not that simple. When the printer mechanically was ready it took me some time to get it running for personal reasons. After this delay I sat down and connected everything from heated bed, extruder, stepper motors, Power Supply Unit and so on to the RAMBO Einsy board. Switched on the Power supply and a la, the Remake MK3s 3D printer was ready to be calibrated. Calibration was easily performed once you went to the procedure of the original Prusa, although the printer itself guides you through the various steps. It is really a relief printing wit the REMAKE Pruse. It is quit, stable and gives excellent result directly after calibration. I have not done very exhaustive tests yet put will in time come back with updates. Thanks to the team of Hobby Store in Poland and the excellent job they did on putting together this fabulous kit.

Bardzo dobry Remake Prusy
Z początku z pewnym powątpiewaniem, ale po dłuższym użytkowaniem jestem bardzo zadowolony.

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