Extruder Titan 1,75mm 3mm bowden direct clone

Extruder Titan 1,75mm / 3mm bowden / direct clone

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Trianlelabs Titan extruder is a product that does not need to be presented. E3D company, invented and designed a product without we can not imagine life any more.

The materials used and the quality of the product convinced us after comparative tests to choose this extruder and offer it in our store. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with it for years.


  • Filaments: 1.75mm, 3mm,
  • Direct and Bowden work option (end piece for PTFE pipe 4/2 mm)
  • Gear ratio 3: 1, light engines with a torque of 0.16 Nm
  • hardened steel shaft prevents slippage of the filament
  • Rapid extrusion of filament in combination with Vulcano.
  • Direct extruder weight (only 90g!).
  • Pressure adjustment by knob

Set does not contain a heat sink.

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