Drivegear BMG DUALDRIVE 1.75 to 8mm KIT - substitute

Drive gear BMG DUALDRIVE 1.75 to 8mm KIT - substitute

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Drive gear for BMG DUALDRIVE 1.75mm, inner diameter 8mm - set of drive gears for BMG extruder. High-quality replacement from our proven supplier Trianglelab. The shafts were made using the precise CNC method. The cogwheels during production are are treated with hardened steel and then nickel-treated. The whole process significantly improved the durability and reliability of the drive gears. Extruder thanks to this very well controls the filament during work.

Kit contains:

  • 1x Hobbed gear
  • 1x Idler bearing
  • 2x Cylindrical roller bearings
  • 2x Mandrels
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