Duet 3 1XD Expansion Board
Duet 3 1XD Expansion Board
Duet 3 1XD Expansion Board
Duet 3 1XD Expansion Board

Duet 3 1XD Expansion Board

  • Tolerated maximum power up to 48 V
  • Fits Duet 3D CAN-FD board
  • Set of connectors included
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The Duet 3 Expansion 1XD is an expansion board connected to CAN-FD to connect one external stepper driver and associated peripherals. The card is equipped with standard Duet 3 RJ11 connectors for serial connection of the CAN-FD bus and accepts power supply up to 48 V to enable sharing of power supplies with stepper drivers up to 48 V. The card comes with a set of connectors.


  • CPU: ARM Cortex M0 (48 MHz frequency)
  • 5V differential Step, Dir and Enable outputs for external stepper driver (can be used in differential or single-ended mode)
  • Two medium-current outputs (2A max recommended) at VIN with PWM function and built-in flyback diodes
  • One 5V output with PWM function (max. 3mA)
  • Three digital inputs with 27K fixed pull-up resistors, surge protected.
  • One thermistor input (less accuracy compared to other Duet 3 boards, so PT1000 sensors are not recommended).
  • RJ11 CAN In and CAN Out connectors for connection to the Duet 3 CAN-FD bus
  • VIN: 12V-48V

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5060662920356 5060662920356

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