LED matrix MAX7219

LED matrix MAX7219

  • Supply voltage: 5V
  • Arduino compatible matrix
  • Possibility of combining several dies into a larger field
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The matrix module consists of 64 LEDs arranged in an 8 x 8 square

The set also includes a printed circuit board, a controller - SPI, passive elements and goldpin connectors. Self-assembly set.

The set includes a display in the form of an 8 x 8 LED matrix with the controller and the necessary passive elements. The MAX7219 control system communicates via the SPI bus, which means that it can be easily operated using microcontrollers, including AVR and Arduino modules. The description, along with the library and an example program for Arduino users, can be found at this address.

Technical specification:

  • Power supply: 5V
  • 8 x 8 LED matrix
  • Communication interface: SPI
  • LED color: red
  • Dimensions of the 50 x 32 mm module
  • Dimensions of the matrix: 32 x 32 mm

Set contains:

  • Printed circuit board
  • 8 x 8 LED matrix
  • MAX7219 controller with stand
  • Electrolytic capacitor 10 uF / 25 V
  • A ceramic capacitor 100 nF / 25 V
  • 10 kΩ resistor
  • Set of goldpin connectors

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5901414653835 5901414653835

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