OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational set
OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational...
OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational...
OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational...
OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational...
OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational...
OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational set

OttoDIY Electronics Kit - educational set

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OttoDIY Electronics Kit - The educational Kit

It s an OpenSource project created and improved by a great community of both professionals and home-grown DIYers of all ages to facilitate the learning of robotics, programming and design. OttoDIY is perfect for developing your skills and learning from scratch.

By buying the OttoDIY Electronics Kit you get:

  • 4x micro servo
  • screw set (only for micro servos)
  • Arduino Nano ATmega328
  • USB cable
  • Arduino Nano I/O shield
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04
  • F/F cable set
  • 9V battery clip (requires soldering)
  • tack button (requires soldering)
  • buzzer 

Screwdriver, battery and 3D printed parts NOT INCLUDED

Build your own robot!

What is Otto?

Otto is an interactive robot that anyone can assemble in one hour. 

Otto walks, dances, makes sounds and avoids obstacles.

The robot is a fully OpenSource solution and is compatible with Arduino and can be printed and expanded using a 3D printer.

Learn programming and using the app while enjoying a lot of fun!

Why Otto?

Easy to assemble

The set consists of several parts of the casing, the Arduino board being the "brain" of the robot and basic electronics that can be assembled in one hour without previous experience.


Otto is an Open Source project and his community creates countless modifications, from aesthetic to completely new robot functions.


The self-assembly kit is ideal for children as the first contact with programming and robotics.

What can you learn with Otto?

Basic programing

Program your robot using a friendly, easy-to-learn environment.


Assemble the robot from parts by yourself and connect simple electronics to it, developing your manual skills.

Logical thinking

Thanks to Otto, by playing you will learn to use algorithms to solve common problems.

A great opportunity to build your first robot, learn robotics and have fun.

It's more than just a robot, it's the whole process of building and coding your own Otto.

It will create an emotional attachment between you and him. Otto is a gender-neutral robot that brings children and adults closer to technology. Thanks to it, children can learn a logical relationship between code and action, and through the assembly process they understand how its components and electronics work.

Why OttoDIY project has been created:

It is more than just a robot

Otto is the perfect companion in developing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) skills. Thanks to the instructions, children practice mathematical thinking, strengthen their technological and physical knowledge, and increase skills such as problem solving and creativity. Thanks to play and experiments, children can learn about the specifics of the robot's operation in a fun and educational way.

Build your own robot

You'll be able to build your own Otto in just an hour! The robot is easy to build and disassemble. It is a simple set for both beginners and experts in robotics. Due to the open system and the possibility of expansion and personalization of Otto. With the experience gained, the difficulty of projects and kits to improve changes and adapts to the level of the Otto robot owner.

Otto is a great opportunity to build the first robot, learn robotics and have fun.

Scratch like coding; just drag and drop a blocks

Easy to program with a visual programming interface for beginners. The perfect solution for schools and workshops for beginners.
You will quickly learn the principles of coding before moving to advanced command lines, algorithms and C / C ++ functions.

Programming and computational thinking

In programming, finding a solution requires dividing the problem into parts and sequencing actions. This helps to structure the mind and thinking, and coding with Otto makes children use their computational thinking and use the skills that are necessary to solve problems.



  • Cut one of the wires from both sides, and then remove a few millimeters of insulation.
  • On the Nano I/O shield board locate G and VIN sockets
  • All wires should be silver-plated with tin before soldering

2.The red wire coming out of the clip solder to one of the external pins of the switch

3.The prepared cable should be soldered to the other of the external pins on the same line as the clip.

4.The other end of the cable should be soldered to the VIN socket.

5.The black cable from the battery clip should be soldered to the G socket next to the VIN socket.

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