Proffesional 3D printing service

We will realise your idea from design to finished 3D model

3D printing on demand

We use new incremental technologies to produce prototypes, semi-finished and finished products. Many years of experience of our engineers working with 3D printing technology on a daily basis allows us to realise orders with the highest attention to quality.

We use these 3D printing technology:

  • FDM - printing with plastics in the form of a filament
  • SLA - printing using light-cured resins
  • SLS - printing with powdered plastics

Maximum working area 500x500x470 (for FDM printing)

we use these materials

    We print on our printers from : 

    • Nylon (PA12), Alumide
    • UV resins (selected according to the project)

    Thanks to the use of high-quality materials from reliable manufacturers, we are able to meet all the expectations of our customers.

    We make single prints as well as series of prints for small productions. We select appropriate technologies for specific projects and orders in order to fulfil them in the best possible way.  We combine various technologies such as laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC milling with 3D printing thanks to which the projects become even more suited to production and easier to realise.

    Comprehensive project service 

    Do you have an idea for a model and its application but do not know the difference between PET and resin? If so, you can consult our experienced team, who will be glad to help you choose the right material and printing technology.

    The services offered by our print shop are distinctive:

    • quick implementation of projects, 
    • competitive prices, 
    • wide selection of printing techniques,
    • wide range of materials,
    • quality of ready 3D prints

    (Minimum order value for SLS technology is 65 GBP netto.)

    We accept files in formats: STL, OBJ, 3MF or AMF.

    If you would like to realise your idea with us, send us a message or give us a call.


    The 3D printing team is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00

    Ask us for details or send us a file for quotation.