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3D PRINter service

3D printers have become very popular recently. They enable the production of various types of complicated technical and hobby models in a short time.

3D printing technology accelerates the production of single prototypes and small series of individual products.

Hobby-Store provides professional, technical service and support for 3D printers and we also offer periodic inspections and maintenance of devices.

We have extensive knowledge of the construction and servicing of 3D printing devices. Our many years of experience in the construction, repair and servicing of 3D printers allows us to efficiently handle service requests. We approach each project individually.

We start each order with collecting information from the client, getting to know the technical condition of the 3D printer and diagnosing the problem.

The next step is to contact the client and send information about the scope of work, service pricing and time needed to complete order.

Our employees will certainly not overlook any detail and will find even the smallest defect.

We provide:

  • post-warranty repair of 3D printers,
  • replacement of damaged parts and modification of equipment,
  • periodic inspections,
  • replacement of specific components and implementation of upgrades in 3D printers

The printer can be delivered to us in person or by courier, which in many cases is a great convenience.

It is worth noting that we have a wide range of parts for 3D printers, so if you need to replace an element, there is a high probability that we will not have to bring it from the manufacturer, and thus the service will be faster and the costs will be lower.

the most Common Problems in 3D Printing & How to Resolve Them

Some of the most common faults in 3D printers include nozzle clogging, poor tensioning of drive belts or incorrect table level adjustment.

To protect your printer from malfunctions and damage, first of all follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

It is good practice to regularly maintain and clean the equipment after use. During the printing process, excess plastic can settle in the nozzle opening of the printer. These unwanted residues can be removed with a brush, special wire or acetone. It is also a good idea to heat up the nozzle to a suitable temperature, which will make it easier to remove the impurities.

For example, if you have been printing in ABS and you are changing your filament to PLA, it is advisable to set the temperature appropriate for ABS during the change, so that when the new filament is extruded, the old one, embedded in the nozzle, also flows out and does not stay in the head.

Reducing undesirable situations associated with the operation of our equipment goes hand in hand with the quality of the filaments, materials and used components. For filaments, it is also important to take care of surface cleanliness by using specialist sponge cleaners.

If you have any issues with your 3D printer, we wish to encourage you to take advantage of our services.



The support team is available from Monday to Friday - 9:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m