BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 - 3d printer mainboard

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Motherboard: BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 32-Bit

The motherboard is equipped with a 32-bit ARM class processor: Cortex-M3 with 100MHz frequency. It has been equipped with highly modular open source software from Smoothieware, convenient for users and in use.

The controller board has a dedicated power supply that supports 12-24V operation (when using 24V power supply, we shorten the table heating time by as much as 1/4, with the same power consumption).


  • Microprocessor: ARM Cortex-M3 MLC1768 processor
  • Input voltage: DC12V-DC24V 5A-15A
  • Motor controller: Supports TMC2208, TMC2130, LV8729, DRV8825, A4988 including TMC2208 in UART mode and TMC2130 in SPI mode without additional wiring
  • Motor drive interface: X, Y, Z, E0, E1, five channels (each channel has an expandable interface up to 256 maximum).
  • Temperature sensor interface: TH0, TH1, TB, 3 channels 100K NTC.
  • Display support: 2.8-inch TFT, 3.5-inch TFT, LCD12864
  • Communication interface with a computer: square USB port, transmission speed 115200
  • Supported file format: g-code
  • Machine construction support: XYZ, delta, corexy
  • Recommended software: Cura, Simplify3D, Pronterface, Repetier-host, Makerware.
  • Supported functions: resumption of work after power off, end of filament sensor and automatic shutdown.

For plates purchased in our store, we provide a dedicated version of the Marlin 2.0 system, technical support and a 12-month warranty

BIQU SKR v1.3 - instructions and manufacturer's description

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