Toothed belt loop Gates PowerGrip® 202-2GT 6RF 6mm

Toothed belt loop Gates PowerGrip® 202-2GT 6RF 6mm

  • Chemically resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • Nylon coated for better grip
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Toothed belt loop Gates PowerGrip® 202-2GT 6RF 6mm

From Gates, a pioneer in the field of power transmission for over 100 years, boasting the highest standards of products, is made of the highest quality fiberglass-reinforced rubber , which means that it is chemically resistant, resistant to wear and does not stretch under prolonged tension.

The toothed belt is ideal as a replacement part for Zortrax M300+ / M200+ printers and for building your own printers and CNC machines.

Gates PowerGrip® 202-2GT 6RF 6mm specifications:

  • Producer: Gates
  • Width: 6mm
  • Circumference: 202mm
  • Number of tooth: 101

Features of Gates PowerGrip® 202-2GT 6RF 6mm:

  • Made of fiberglass-reinforced rubber, chemical resistant, wear resistant and does not stretch under prolonged tension
  • Nylon coating for better grip and wear resistance
  • The uniquely designed tooth profile distributes the load over the entire belt, allowing it to carry higher loads
  • Has 25% higher power ratings than previous Poly Chain GT2 belts

Product Details

Gum with fiberglass
Belt width
6 mm
Working temperature range
-30 °C ~ 100 °C
2 mm
Tooth height
0,76 mm
Belt length
100 cm
20,2 cm
Country of origin
5901414654627 5901414654627

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