Wemos D1 WROOM-1 ESP32 WIFI 0.96" OLED
Wemos D1 WROOM-1 ESP32 WIFI 0.96" OLED

Wemos D1 WROOM-1 ESP32 WIFI 0.96" OLED

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Wemos D1 WROOM-1 ESP32 WIFI 0.96" OLED has integrated OLED display. Just like other modules of this type, it is powered by 5V via MicroUSB socket. Programming it is easy thanks to the possibility to use ArduinoIDE.

There is also a possibility for graphical programming this controller, links are below. It is an ideal microcontroller for hobby usage because it does integrate all of the important modules: WiFi, Bluetooth, OLED display and its own power stabilizing section.

First usage

  • Download and install Arduino IDE form website: www.arduino.cc
  • Run Arduino IDE, choose File -> Preferences 
  • In "Additional Boards Manager URLs" paste:
  • https://dl.espressif.com/dl/package_esp32_index.json
  • Open Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager
  • Install ESP32 module
  • Now you can access WeMos boards form Tools -> Board

Example code: https://github.com/ThingPulse/esp8266-oled-ssd1306

Graphical programming: https://www.visuino.com/ (guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLymDIvwzJQlvPOzc3AdtzO6LXbnkNFPT)

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