CNC Shield Arduino UNO A4988 CNC, 3D controller

CNC Shield Arduino v3.0 - CNC controller

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Arduino UNO shield overlay that allows you to build a control module for a CNC machine. Shield allows you to control four stepper motors with four sockets (eg A4988).

Shield has, among others led out inputs and travel of steps for four controllers, input for END STOP limit sensors and I2C and UART bus outlets.

Specyfikacja techniczna:

  • Motor supply voltage (depending on the controller): from 12 V to 36 V
  • Supply voltage connected via ARK screw connection
  • Operating voltage of logic signals: 5 V
  • Motor driver connectors compatible with A4988 and similar
  • Derived signals: STEP and DIR for four controllers: X.STEP / Y.DIR, X.STEP / Y.DIR, Z.STEP / Z.DIR, A.STEP / A.DIR
  • Derived UART and I2C interface connectors
  • Inputs for limit switches of the END STOP type: Z + / Z-, Y + / Y-, X + / X-,
  • Built-in capacitors 100 uF and 50 uF 8 mm
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