Arduino Mega2560 R3 - ATmega2560 clone

Arduino Mega2560 R3 - ATmega2560 - clone

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Arduino Mega 2560 R3 microcontroller clone with CH340 communication chipset.

  • ATmega2560 microcontroller (including 256 kB Flash memory - 8 kB occupied by the bootloader, 8 kB RAM, 4 kB EEPROM memory)
  • 54 digital input / output lines (14 of them can work in PWM mode)
  • 16 analogue input lines
  • 6-pin ISP programming
  • Connector USB <-> UART converter
  • Possibility of powering from USB or from an additional power supply
  • Microcontroller reset button
  • 16 MHz quartz resonator

The set does not have a USB cable.

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