Regulated power module  XL4016 max....
Regulated power module  XL4016 max....

Regulated power module XL4016 max. 10A 35V

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Regulated power module XL4016 max. 10A 35V 

The module enables smooth voltage and current regulation with multi-turn potentiometers. The module can be a handy laboratory power supply. The power supply reduces the input voltage.


  • input voltage 7-40VDC
  • 1.5-35VDC adjustable output voltage (the output voltage must always be lower than the input voltage by about 2VDC)
  • maximum load 10A (continuous load up to 8A 70W)
  • tolerance 1%
  • voltmeter to two decimal places
  • ammeter to two decimal places
  • inverter efficiency about ~ 95%
  • XL4016 chip
  • electronic module ready and assembled
  • dimensions 76 x 48mm
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